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Holla amigos! How you guys holdin’ up!?

Did I ever tell you who my Fashion Inspiration is? Hint: He’s Family. It’s my eldest brother, who from very tender age has been inspiring me all the way long. His Fashion sense is amazing and one of many reasons why people admire him so much. He’s the one I’ve looked forward to for Fashion opinions all the time. Few things I’m gonna write about here are in fact taken from him at some point of time.

So these are a few To-dos you must keep in mind all the time. You might think these are petty things, but trust me these count not only for your good hygiene but good manners too. Watcha waitin’ for? Go ahead!

1. Trimming

You might be wondering, What the hell is this guy even saying! Hair defines masculinity bla bla bla..  Not today, not in 21st century! In fact, results have clearly shown that men must trim their body hair every 50 days for hygienic purpose. I won’t suggest you to shave, cause you get rough skin and thicker hair later. But, it is really necessary for guys to trim their body-hair, if not for their own sake, for at least the women.

2. Hair-cut

Unless you’re looking for some major hair transformation, like growing a man-bun, top-knot or other long-hairstyles, it is highly recommended to go for a hair-cut every 4-5 weeks, depending on your hair growth. It is very important as they get tough to handle and once they’re out of control, you look no less than a caveman.

3. Clothes

You do realize how important clothes are for you. So why not take proper care of them? You must learn, in order to look smart, you need to take good care of them, iron them, wash them and not give them to a public-laundry. At the end of the day, its you who is going to wear them, so learn to respect your clothes and I repeat take good care of them.

4. Slipper-wearing fans

Are you one those people who wear flip-flops to college or work? If you are reading this blog, I want you to stop doing that! You should understand that slippers are exclusively to be worn in-doors and college is definitely not the place meant for that. (Google slippers if you don’t believe me) Do you realize how sloppy you look wearing them? Please! Say no to slippers out-doors unless it is for a casual walk or absolutely necessary.

5. Unkempt Nails

Eww! How girly. I’m sure this is going to be your first reaction 😀 nevertheless, I’ll go on. I’m not asking you to polish your nails or file them etc etc. But I do expect you to cleanly trim them using a clipper every now and then, evenly and not use your teeth as a clipper. It is going to benefit you hygienically and people wouldn’t want you to maintain distance (which I do a lot, in case I see a sloppy and a shabby person around 😐 ) I’m not only talking about your fingernails but your toe-nails too, which is very noticeable when you’re barefoot.

6. Say NO to no-socks

If like most people you hate wearing socks because it is hot outside, you need to change your habit. It is very unhygienic and disgusting if you don’t wear them. Go for No-Show socks as they only cover your sole. Wearing no socks will only spoil your footwear and make them stink bad.

7. Wear vest

Have seen those people with white-sweaty patches on their shirts due to sweat? Of course you have! Now just think how disgusted other would feel seeing you like that. Solution? I know it is hot and humid out there, but wearing vest is not only a good habit but counts in good manners. They’ll absorb your sweat and not let those white patches come on your clothes. Also, use antiperspirant whenever possible as it helps reduce sweating under-arms.

I hope these things workout in your favor. I hope you liked the post, if yes please share it with your friends and give a give thumbs to the FB page and share it to the maximum extent.

Read. Like. Share. Repeat.

I’m lacking on topics to write on so I really urge you guys to suggest me topics for my next posts. Also, I told you I’m planning to expand mrdapperblogger, so help me make it possible by giving in suggestions in the comment section below. I need new logo, website etc etc. I know it sounds way too exciting! ❤

Till then, Dress Well, Stay Dapper!



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