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Hola to all the Fashionistas out there! It’s been long and Winter is finally here. Hope you’re enjoying this winter with your dear ones as much as I am. Apologies for not being in action all this time. My studies have played a vital role in keeping me away from the work I love the most. Say no more, here I am!

I chose to write about Suits, since they are my favorite attire, to get back on track. There will always be weddings to attend. There will be office parties. There will be life-saving office presentations and there may be photo-shoots where you’ll be required to look your absolute best. In short, Men need Suits! There are 4 Styles you will ever need. Yes, you read that right. You can be well-dressed and need not spend a fortune buying any other styles, but these. Though the catch here is and you know it; The Fitting is Everything. Damn right, it is!

To make the most out of your outfit, it is best recommended for you you to have a clean and decent haircut as well as beard. Check out Different Hairstyles for Men and Guide for the Beardo. Also, get to know more about the Fragrances.

Your suit is the heart of your wardrobe and great care must be taken to ensure you get a long life from each one.

  • The Classic Navy Suit

Esquire calls it the workhouse and it’s true. It will get you through everything, from a night-out to a job-interview and not to forget that this color looks classy on anybody and everybody. If you’ve only got room in your budget for one suit purchase, make sure it’s a single-breasted navy one. “A navy-blue suit is the most basic necessity in a man’s wardrobe, up there with a pair of jeans and underwear,”



  • The Versatile Grey Suit

So, you have a Formal event to attend, or let’s say a family reunion, Grey Suit will get the job done. It is undoubtedly the most versatile attire for Men’s Fashion. It works during the day; it works at night. In simple words, it works at every occasion you’d wear a suit to. Make sure you choose the right grey; not so light and definitely not so charcoal but somewhere in between and you’ll rock the nine-to-five-look.



  • The Sophisticated Double-Breasted Suit

Though I’ve never tried this style, but these sure are on my list for the next suit I buy. It is classy and yet so sassy. There is no other way to prove that you mean business than by rocking a double-breasted suit, preferably a blue one. If you are one of those who believe in “Let your clothes speak for you” this should be your next pick too.



  • The Edgy Tuxedo

Well, for starters. A Tuxedo is to be worn only for evening events/occasions since it is way to formal to be worn in the day time (not that I can stop you from doing so, but please DON’T!) Wearing Tuxedo for a wedding does give you an edge and makes you a lot more confident (from personal experience :P) These are mostly combined with a Bow-Tie with options to a cummerbund, suspenders or a vest. Shades like Black or Midnight-Blue will indeed make you dapper-er and you will make them heads turn. A wing-collared shirt is to be preferred.

A Tuxedo, if worn right, will be your best wing-man you could ever ask.




Store and Care of your Suit

No matter how costly might your suit be. At the end of the day it is the amount of care and attention it gets from you shall decide its fate in your closet. It must be treated with utmost care. Yes sir! Not only are suiting fabrics prone to stretching and tearing due to the delicacy of the fibers, seams are also liable to split – particularly if your suit is too tight.

  1. Cleaning

There are people there who will dry-clean their suits week after week. The thought behind that is right—you want to look fresh every time you wear it. But over-dry-cleaning your suit will wear away the natural fibers and take some years off. Experts suggest to use smell as the guide. It is absolutely unnecessary to take it to the cleaners unless your suit stinks. Choose spot cleaning with water and a soft towel on small stains over dry-cleaning.Once every six months should be fine unless there is an emergency stain of some sort.

2. Avoid using internal pockets

“When wearing your suit do not over load the pockets with keys and thick wallets. Linings spit easily and cotton pocket bags wear out. Plus it also makes the garment look clumpy and eventually the suit will lose its shape.”

3. Avoid using external pockets

“The outer side pockets of a suit should also never be opened. Keep them closed and the silhouette will always appear streamline and sharp, putting your hands or belongings in the outer pockets will make it look like a sack of potatoes, which is not a great look.”

4. Use Steam Iron

If you want to prolong the life of your suit, get a steamer. Do not use a dry iron as it will burn the fibers and add a sheen to the material. Press your suit regularly with a steam iron, this will open up the fibers and help remove stains – not to mention keeping it crease free.”

5. Hanging

“Keep your suit on a good thick wooden hanger (this helps keep the shoulder shape and absorbs moisture) and make sure it’s not squeezed in-between other garments. It needs to hang and the fabric needs to breath and dry after a long day’s worth of wear.”



I shall be writing a dedicated post; All about Tuxedo, very soon. Make sure you give it a read as it will be really helpful.

I hope you liked this article. If you did, don’t be selfish and do share it with your friends and family 😛 For any questions, leave a comment down below.


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