Style Icon Pt 2 | Daniel Craig

Daniel Wroughton Craig.

Casino Royale, the 21st James Bond Movie. Craig – the blue-eyed blond – has always been a natural born killer in the looks department, but the star’s style power only came to the fashion forefront as, “Bond, James Bond” – back in 2006. His stellar performance in this movie as the 6th James Bond only catapulted his career, leading to him becoming one of the most famous British actors on the planet, not to forget the lead actor in the highest grossing British film of all time, Skyfall. Owing to the enigmatic role of James Bond, Mr. Craig has not only become one of the most influential actors in the world, but also a fashion inspiration undoubtedly. Ten years on, Craig has snagged himself the beautiful Rachel Weisz, and proves a dark horse in the fashion race, releasing a lethal blow to the men of his age who don’t look half as good as he does. Mission accomplished, Mr. Craig. Now, here’s your martini – shaken !

If you ever have closely followed Mr. Craig, you’d know that he had been scrutinized for his lack of fashion sense in the past, but thankfully the role of 007 has rubbed onto him and put him under the fashion spotlight. If you could sum up Craig’s style, you’d probably say it generally fits into the smart-casual category. He chooses to keep his style minimal and neutral but effortlessly stylish.

He sticks to a more conservative color palette of the blacks, the greys and the navies – and he doesn’t stray. Mr. Craig also has an eye for detail which is why you’ll rarely see him without a perfectly shaped pocket square or a stylish watch on his wrist when suited in his arsenal of well-tailored suits. He’s had years to experiment with what works for him, which is why he always looks sharp, whether he’s suited on the red carpet (where he opts for regular-fit suits)

Whatever he’s doing, he rarely gets it wrong.
Just like any other gentleman The Tuxedo is Mr. Craig’s go-to suit for the red carpet. Why would it not be? Them tuxedo only makes a gentleman more dapper!

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Grey suits are everywhere right now. However, Craig was wearing them way before they started popping up more frequently at the menswear shows and in the shops this season. You should be investing in different shades of grey whether it’s concrete, stone or slate and in turn, you’ll be hitting the trend spot-on at your upcoming events with your wardrobe loaded with a range of grey to choose from.

By now it is pretty obvious that Mr.Craig is fond of grey color, (why not ‘cos 50 Shades of grey) The suits is perhaps Craig’s most famous fashion hit on and off screen and he seems to be partial to the grey suit. Some do consider him as being fashion forward as was rocking the grey suits long before they came back into season. You can work a grey suit in a number of ways. If you plan to wear one for those warm, sunny days then you should go for a lighter shade of grey like he seems to do during the summer. Team up a single breasted suit with a crisp Oxford shirt and a matching grey tie. Boycotting brown, (well I prefer brown over black with grey suits) the black leather Derbies act as a more man-on-a-mission shoe. Add a flat fold white pocket square and you’ll look as appealing as Bond.

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For a look that’s not so Bond-esque, you could go for the denim jacket and jeans combo. It’s a risky move, but a man who saves the world, can most definitely pull it off.  The key here is to pair two different shades of denim together. Tho one important thing to keep in mind is that the jeans are darker than the jacket and for the top, choose a navy polo shirt like he does or it would even go well with a basic white tee.

Also, for a slightly dressier look, you can tuck in the shirt and wear a belt for a night look. The denim boasts a well worn finish too, which adds a rugged confidence to the outfit, appearing as if Craig couldn’t care less if you approve of his choice of style or not. Aye, Aye, we do, Mr. Bond!

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Cardigans tend to get a mixed reception. Some say they’re a stylish alternative to jackets and some say they’re too frumpy and are only for old men. However, seeing how Craig works his cardigans will convince non-believers they can make you look rather dapper.

For the everyday look, Craig teams up a grey knit with a plain white tee for a comfortable, but smart look. He puts the two together with a pair of mid-blue, relaxed-style jeans which are usually roll-cuffed. For shoes, he wears tan colored Brogue lace-ups with thick soles. This outfit combines fashion and function seamlessly and is a great ‘travel’ look.

Performing as a suit jacket, the cardigan adopts an even sharper cut, sitting flat and luxuriously woven across the chest, and fully fastened with tonal grey buttons for a dressier look to contrast ones. The sheen of a silk tie sparks up the matte-finished knit. The comfort cardigan never looked so dapper.

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