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Yo! Long time no see, huh. Really hoping you guys are doing well!

I recently made a trip to Wisconsin, USA for my brother’s wedding. It was 4 days trip in all and I had the time of my life. I met my eldest brother; the one who got married, after almost 3 years while the elder brother after almost 8 years (yes, we’re three brothers). Only now you can imagine how excited I must have been for this trip and how much I had to look forward to! ❤

The photographer is gonna take longg before he gives the Wedding pictures, thus, I won’t be able to share with you all the outfits I wore the other days. Just not yet.

This post is about the outfit I wore on my last day of the trip. I was in Chicago for a day and hence the title, “Chicagoan for a day.” The weather out there was pretty decent and it couldn’t have been better I’d say. The Location for these pictures was Navy Pier, Chicago. We went on a Ferry ride too and it was awesome! I had such positive energy and amazing vibes while I was there.

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Style Icon Pt 2 | Daniel Craig

Daniel Wroughton Craig.

Casino Royale, the 21st James Bond Movie. Craig – the blue-eyed blond – has always been a natural born killer in the looks department, but the star’s style power only came to the fashion forefront as, “Bond, James Bond” – back in 2006. His stellar performance in this movie as the 6th James Bond only catapulted his career, leading to him becoming one of the most famous British actors on the planet, not to forget the lead actor in the highest grossing British film of all time, Skyfall. Owing to the enigmatic role of James Bond, Mr. Craig has not only become one of the most influential actors in the world, but also a fashion inspiration undoubtedly. Ten years on, Craig has snagged himself the beautiful Rachel Weisz, and proves a dark horse in the fashion race, releasing a lethal blow to the men of his age who don’t look half as good as he does. Mission accomplished, Mr. Craig. Now, here’s your martini – shaken !

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