Go-To College Styles for the Gentleman

Hey guys! Hope you’re awesome, stay the same. There was a time when it didn’t really matter as to what men wore to college. Back in those days, you wouldn’t get dead-man stares from your peers and Ladies! (at least this is what I have been told by my seniors and older generation). It was only women who were to dress to impress in the college. But the time has changed and it’s high time people get this in their head. Dressing up has become a headache for us as well (well not a headache for me since I love dressing myself up 😛 ). Trend keeps changing in a blink of an eye and believe it or not men want to have that cool stud looks.

I feel confused when I see men wearing pajama pants in the daytime, not sleeping in their bed. A wave of exacerbated frustration hits me anytime I see a guy wearing clothes two sizes too big or small. It seems like fashion is a very difficult, confusing puzzle for young men,  but believe me its not. I’d like to attribute it to negligence and a general lack of concern for how one presents himself in public—but I think most men do have a fashion peacock inside them, and are just too afraid to let it fly for fear of judgment or ridicule. Take it from the ladies themselves, gentlemen.

Why even care about your appearance?

Good question but it is the same reason why you’d want a woman to dress perfect. Woman love stylish, self-caring, groomed men. The sharper you dress, the better. A woman always seek clean, neat; basically dapper men. Don’t forget that

The first impression is the last impression. And you don’t get a second chance to make the First Impression.

I didn’t believe in this saying myself. It is personal experience that taught me that First Impression indeed is everything. So keeping this in mind, dress well, look sharp and charm them Women! There are many other reasons to keep in mind:

  • Dressing Well Contributes to Your Frame of Mind

When you dress sharp, you think sharp. If you don’t believe me, try it out yourself. When you feel put together, you feel more alert, more confident, and more ready to tackle the day’s tasks. College used to be considered a serious business, the halls where learning took place, hallowed. Doesn’t matter if you think education is important or not, dressing well sure is.

  • Dressing Well Shows Respect for the Professor and Will Create That Respect in Return

No matter how bright he is, a professor is going to have a tough time taking seriously the student wearing slippers, sandals to college. Not to forget the men wearing jeans with sandals or slippers with baggy-unfit shirts. Dressing a notch up from your peers will show the prof that you take his class seriously and that you respect him. This will help you stand out and make a good impression. Stand out of the crowd and remember to be different.

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  • You Never Know Who You’re Going to Meet

College is the best and easiest time to meet the woman who will be your date (at least that is what I assumed before coming to an Engineering college xD ) and meeting people gets a lot harder after you graduate . And you never know when you’re going to run into the future Ms. World on campus. When you catch a cute girl’s eye in or around the campus, you must have the confidence to approach that lady; dressing smart will give you an edge over the one who is not.

  • When you dress like a man, you feel like a man.

College is a time when young men are transitioning into grown men. While the path from boy to man involves the transformation of your inner values, how you dress on the outside symbolizes and reinforces how you feel on the inside. Changing your wardrobe helps you feel like you’re really beginning a new phase of your life.

Finding your personal style is really important in college because that leads you further in life and getting it in the right direction will help you be a more confident person. While guys in college are still young and exploring their fashionable side, I thought of helping the lot by showing you guys how to get your style game on fleek.

  1. The Basic T’s

Gentlemen, I think its time you realize that there are t-shirts and t-shirts. .Basics have never been a disappointment and they will never be. Aside from confidence, a well-fitted t-shirt is the sexiest thing a man can wear while dressing casual. Do yourselves a favor and don’t stray away from the V-necks! No, they’re not overly feminine and Yes, the fact that it shows off a small part of your collarbone makes us weak in the knees. They’re versatile, comfortable. Every dude needs at least a couple of basic T’s for casual/every day wear, but basic mistake that guys do today is buy a a pack of the basic tees which are way-way cheap and later regret as they have poor fit. Don’t make this mistake, choose your basic T’s carefully and consider things like colour, neck style (V neck? Round neck? Crew neck?) and most importantly, the fit.


2. The Polo T

Anytime you reach for a t-shirt, ask yourself if a polo would work better.  And it doesn’t have to be a name brand designer garment from Ralph Lauren–Old Navy makes fine day-to-day polo shirts that because of their closer fit and collared necks, are always dressier than a T-shirt.  In addition, the knitted fabric, when made from a natural material, is cooler than the more tightly woven t-shirt. When you wear a polo, wear the collar down.


3. The Checkered or The Plain Shirt or The Striped Shirt

Refrain from wearing a dotted shirt or chinese collared shirts to college. Shirts are a viable option that can be worn to the college. The fact that they are not so comfortable is not a reason good enough to not wear them. You can try tucking them inside your trousers or jeans or they can even be worn wearing out.



4. The Jeans

Dark blue or Black Jeans should be a staple in every dude’s wardrobe. There is no end to the amount of outfits that simply look better with both these shades of Jeans rather than light blue. Put simply, light coloured blue jeans are not so bad an option, but it’s just that dark blue jeans match great with anything regardless of colour. You can never go wrong with some nice Levi’s and they have always been one of my favorites.


5. The Chinos

A reliable pair of jeans is great, but sometimes an occasion calls for something else. Having a variety of options is useful for when you feel like changing your look or you need to dress it up for an occasion. The best thing about chinos is their versatility; rivalled only perhaps by denim jeans in their ease of wear, they lend themselves to virtually all types of scenario. For a dressier casual style, a slim-fitting pair in a pastel shade works nicely with a simple T-shirt or polo and fine-gauge cardigan, and is a particularly easy look to pull off through the summer, finished with espadrilles, casual sneakers, boat shoes to name a few.


6. The Joggers

These are one of favorite outfits to any place for that matter. These are simple, cool, and can be easily pulled off by anyone. Athletic wear on men is insanely sexy if you do it right. Trade the dirty wife beater for a fitted t-shirt and make sure your outfit isn’t one solid color (looking at you head-to toe yellow neon guy).


7. The Shoes

Repeat after me: Unless you’re going to be running, refrain from wearing running shoes.  Yes, they are comfortable, but so is the right pair of casual leather shoes. Also, remember that Flip flops belong on the beach, at the pool, or in the shower and they are definitely are not appropriate wear for attending class or meeting your study group, especially when you could just as easily slip on a pair of mocs. Wearing shoe is totally upto you, but keep in mind that it matches your outfit. For example, don’t wear running shoes with chinos or anywhere in college because they are meant for running. Sandals are a big no, and you should refrain from using them. Now that you have a better vision about your upper style don’t you forget the most essential part of an outfit which is, the shoes. There are lot of styles of shoes present out there, find the right one here.


In case you are lucky and your college is in one of the better parts of the World where you do have Winters, this section will help you. 

7.  The Denim Shirt

For those who are probably wondering as to why I have kept this Shirt under this section. Well denims are not as light as normal shirts or t-shirts and can not be easily worn in hot summers. The denim shirt is one of the few pieces truly worthy of its essential tag. It offers something to every wardrobe; it transcends age, season and style with little effort and brings a rugged texture and blue collar roots to any look, never appearing out of place.


8. The Varsity Jacket

Even if you are not a school athlete, you can still wear and flash a varsity jacket. It is perfect for teens.


9. The Leather Jacket

A leather jacket isn’t a garment, it’s a decision. Leather jackets are fancy but it will definitely rock your total look and a good Leather Jacket shall never let you down. (least it has never let me)


10. The Sweaters and The Cardigans 

Get a chic look with striped sweater over a shirt and jeans with cuffs and shoes to give you a casually polished look. The cardigans have been around for sometime now and are a trend right now. Grab yourself a few and style them with chinos or jeans.


11. The Hoodies or The Sweatshirts

The hoodie was a piece of clothing that started out primarily as workout wear. Now you can find hoodies made by famous clothing designers and ranging in price as high as the hundreds of dollars for some designs. Hoodies will always remain popular among the college crowd. There isn’t a university that you can visit that doesn’t proudly display their college name on a hooded sweatshirt. It is like an unwritten law for college students to own at least one college hoodie.


As far as Backpacks are concerned, there are two that interests me a lot!! There’s leather backpack and then there is leather Sling Bag or like Joe called it Man Purse  or Alan called it Satchel.


 Other accessories like belts, can be taken care of. Find the perfect pair of sunglasses here. Though I’ll soon be writing on Bracelets for men, perfumes/colognes and watches that will in work your favor. Stay tuned for more.

Not that you have to stick to what is given here. You can style almost anything with everything (almost. ALMOST!) Feel free to share as to what you wear to the college in the comments section below.









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