Style Icon Pt 1 | David Beckham

David Robert Joseph Beckham.

Initially, it might have been his commendable football skills that first brought this fine young gentleman (wouldn’t call him young since he just turned 41, but who can tell) to our attention, who debuted back in 1996 for The Three Lions (well I could have just said English National Football Team but this sounded cooler 😛 ) David Beckham quickly established himself not just the sport’s best-dressed man, but also one of Britain’s most stylish sons – a title he’s continued to hold with little competition even now his professional sporting career has come to an end. You might not be much of a Football Fan but this man could possibly one of the reasons you’re watching that match sitting in front of that idiot box or even Live in a stadium. Married to Victoria, global heartthrob, committed dad-of-four, just the kind of man a lady wants and a man wishes to be. Beckham has become something of a style icon having appeared in fashion campaigns and launching two lines of clothing.

Nevertheless, we’re here to talk about his dapperness. What’s great about Mr. Beckham is that he’s one of them who isn’t afraid to experiment with his look, and why should he, and he rarely uses a stylist to help him. In fact, you’ll often find Mr. Beckham turning-out the big fashion and grooming trends way ahead of the menswear masses. From the man bun to the gentleman’s buzzcut, to any other hairstyle you could possibly think of. Don’t be fooled into thinking he’s a one-trick pony – while he regularly switches up his haircut and wardrobe, he anchors his more experimental fashion moments by really knowing his way around a suit.

Mr. Beckham shops like most men should; filling his wardrobe with staple tailored pieces that hang alongside easy lounge-wear jerseys and leather jackets. Off-duty, he dominates comfort looks and has no trouble balancing the complexities of smart casual wear.

The tuxedo is Beckham’s go-to suit for the red carpet. Whether slipping into black tie on the red carpet or looking sharp in a Prince of Wales suit at Wimbledon, Beckham’s tailoring game is just as good as his clout on the pitch. Mr. Beckham channels 007-class in a sapphire blue suit with contrast black lapel. Keep it simple with patent black derby shoes.

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That being said, while he looks stellar suited-up, he also has a knack for making the most basic of sportswear items look superb. Beckham’s thematic approach to style sees him play many roles. There is Beckham the biker and Brooklyn hipster Becks; James Bond Beckham and David Beckham Esquire – the English gent.

When it comes to his downtime attire, you’ll generally find that Beckham favours one colour above all others: black; yours, mine, everyone’s favourite. The colour gives the impression of an instant slim-down. General tip? Do as Beckham does and anchor everything to a pair of slim-fit black jeans – and a pair of beautifully designed dark brown boots. Keep it simple yet stylish. Pushing a black cropped leather biker jacket with plain white or grey tee, Beckham channels a modern Marlon Brando; from the airport to doing the groceries, to posing for a Belstaff campaign.

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Not to forget Mr. Beckham’s much talked about, tattoos which cover almost the entire upper half of his body. His first tattoo “brooklyn” in Gothic Font is named after his first son;  misspelt Sanskrit tattoo “Vihctoria” of his wife, the guardian angel on his back, to name a few. And since, the list goes on and on. For people of a certain age, they have measured their lives not with coffee spoons, but with his tattoos 😛

They’re about the important people in my life, who I want to have with me always – David Beckham on tattoos

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Mr. Beckham isn’t a hipster but his casual look will surely give you second thoughts. Double denim is also key for Becks, opting for light denim button downs over washed out black or raw denim jeans. Layer the shirt haphazardly over a plain tee: roll up the sleeves, roughly tuck it in and never fully button to the neck (revealing the fitted tee underneath).

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Mr. Beckham’s Corporate look opts for razor cut jackets with slim (but not overly so) trousers in wool. Not much of a black fan for tailoring, Beckham usually suits up in tobacco browns, navy and charcoal grey. His choice of suit for a meeting or business lunch is typically single breasted with a white shirt and a clean knot. His taste in single or double breasted Suit is remarkable, eye-catching every single time. As a matter of fact, all his styles are!

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Hope you enjoyed the read. 🙂 If you have other styles and you think I’ve missed out, please feel free to post ’em in the comments section below. Cheers! Keep Blogging.


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