Color Me Mine, For Your Eyes Only.

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Give me a museum and I’ll fill it – Pablo Picasso (1981-1973)

Surprise! Surprise! Yes I draw, every once in a while. If you ever went through the about page of this blog you’d know why I wrote this post. 🙂 There’s hardly anyone who has seen these paintings, trust me. It is today I realize how much I miss my childhood. Back when I was all creative. I wouldn’t say I am an expert or a professional and I didn’t create masterpieces but at least I tries. Let’s say I drink and I know Things. xD

Drawing has always been one of my most active hobbies. I want you guys to explore yourself and take your hobbies to next level. Make worth every second you live. Even today, even though I don’t get time to draw and since I am a huge Automobile Enthusiast, I keep drawing the logos of car companies in my free time. I know it sounds insane, and I can’t help it.

 This is the latest of one of all. Made back in 2014 back when I was in school.

Acrylic on Canvas


This right here was made back in 2011. The first of all the Acrylic Paintings and was made just because my mother wanted this one and I can’t thank her enough.

Acrylic on Hardboard


This one was made back in 2012 in Summer Vacations just because m wished. Today’s young minds need to realize is meant for Utilizing it and not Only wasting it. Not that I was saint and all 😛

Acrylic on Canvas


Because The Love for them classics will never die. These Black and White Portraits were made back in 2010.12.png

Always be yourself, express yourself, have faith in yourself, do not go out and look for a successful personality and duplicate it. – Bruce Lee (1940-1973)



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