Myths about Men’s Fashion

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Like a friendly slap across the face, it is time the harsh truth surrounding some of Men’s Fashion’s Biggest Myths, came out. You may have heard them from a friend, your parents, any relative or may have even read it in an article or you might have seen those pretty ladies gossiping about the Man in Pink. Chances of it being used by you yourself. 😀

From “not wearing denim on denim” to the most common one anyone would’ve heard, “real men don’t wear pink”. These myths need to be left behind and cannot be validated in 21st century which people need to understand and need to be eradicated right away.

Let the Truth Prevail – TOI Tagline

1. First and foremost, Real men don’t wear pink

A guy wouldn’t know a thing about Fashion but this line, whoever he might have heard from, would certainly say it to the one who really wears this color. An outfit maketh a man, yes, but this does not mean that pink would make you any less man, rather it actually accentuates your masculinity!. Pink is a fantastic color and goes well with most types and colors of trousers. Trust your imagination and carry the color with aplomb.

I can’t blame baby girls for starting this color separation at such a young age, but men need to realize that it is far from taboo to wear a little pink. Pink doesn’t make you stink; poor hygiene sure does! Now that’s settled, pink is the ultimate spring color and should be embraced.

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2.  “Made in America” or “Made in Italy” is the best

These myths exist even before the beginning of World War I.  The time when Europe and America were the leaders. Since then the global production of garments from here is considered “royal”, most people instantly shrug off anything that is made in Asia (well it is okay to throw off a Made in China :D) as they are considered as lesser quality—claiming that pieces with American and Italian origins are of superior quality and better. Yes, they do have a good Fabric, quality and all that but this does not mean that Made in Japan or Made in France is any lesser. I would say country of origin is not thee deciding factor in the quality of a garment. Of course, if it’s mass produced in a factory, that garment wouldn’t be as good as the handmade of Italian leather shoes but the quality of an item would be at par.


3. You don’t wear denim-on-denim

“Whenever I see someone doing denim-on-denim right, I feel a quiet pang of jealousy”, once said a friend of mine. Double denim can be done, of course! Agreed that it is one look that can easily go wrong. Look at the brighter side, as it looks super cool only if you pull it off correctly. The key is to achieve a contrast between the shirt or jacket and the jeans, both in terms of color and texture. For instance -pair a dark- pair of jeans with a little lighter chambray jacket just like David Beckham in the picture. This looks effortlessly cool and chic. This fad is not for a fashion novice, but it is no rocket science either. Wear it with confidence, trust your eye and believe that you can work this look!

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5 thoughts on “Myths about Men’s Fashion

  1. You absolutely had it all covered. Hmmm maybe in the pink section, I would add the floral print which is also ok to wear.
    The sunglasses I agree 100%. The shoe-belt combo, I love belts, they add like 40% of style to the outfit when carefully combined with the right shoes or sneakers.
    The whole brand thing and the “made in China”? Yes, it’s a myth, brands were born as hand made items were of high quality, the fabric, the sewing, the details, that’s what branded means, which leads also to a “salty” price. I can make clothes for instance and put a label with my name on it, it’s a brand, of good quality as well, I have a brand, but no one knows about it and for starters I know, no one will be willing to buy… If Rita Ora gets one button from my brand and posts fashionably on her IG, then every one will rush to get my stuff.
    Besides more and more of these brands are turning to Asian countries to have their clothes tailored 😉 and I know for sure!
    I am sorry, maybe it’s a long rant, just pointing my views.
    Anyway I loved your post. 🙂

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