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By the time you even realize that the season 6 has ended of the never ending Game of Thrones series, it is summer already. 😦  Since you’re going back to your college or school, this is just the time you realize you need a hair-cut, at least I do 😀

It’s always the haircut that I feel, sets the tone for a man’s style. Another tres importante  tip is to always have a photo of a look you’d love to have on you when you’re going to get a haircut, and talk to your stylist about it. They might not give you that look per se, but they’ll keep it in mind and adapt it to your face shape and hair structure.

Here is what I have researched and I am sure this will help you get your style this Summer. Here is the list of Hairstyles for you that you can try this summer.

The Hot Trends of 2016.

  1. The Classic Taper Cut

Aye, its 1960’s again, back when Classic Taper was first introduced. This hair-cut is a low maintenance haircut with a high-degree of style. While the sides and back of the head are trimmed short, the top of the head still has quite some hair for styling. It can also be mixed with fade. One word for this style; Evergreen. It is an ideal choice for men who want to add a touch of uniqueness to their style. The short hair at the top can be styled differently using styling crème.

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2. The Hippy Man-Bun

The Man-Bun has been trending for quite some time now. It is also an ideal choice for those who prefer long hair. The hair are drawn up into a bun that can either be messy or clean, depending on your choice.

It is really easy to style but not so easy to maintain. Of course, you need a lot of time and patience to get this hairstyle. All you got to do is, grow your hair long enough so they can be tied up. Once they are, you are good to go. Well there is one important thing to note that you cannot take your long hair for granted and you do need to visit your stylist often (once every 4 weeks) and get them back in shape.

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3. The Top-Knot

The Top-Knot is a stylish variation to the Man-Bun which is samurai-influenced. Unlike Man-Bun the hair are tied into a single-knot at the top of the head. Generally, this knot rests right above the crown.

This is a great cut for guys who like versatile haircuts as it is a combination of long hair on the top (for the knot) and short hair on the sides (the under-cut). You at least need a growth of 6-7 inches to get a proper Top-Knot.

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4. The Undercut

The Undercut makes a huge mark in the fashion almost every year and is one the oldest hairstyles among men (since 30’s). Typically, the hair on the top of the head is long and parted on either the sides or the center, (what we call slicked back while the back and the sides of the head are cut short.

You might have also seen pictures depicting it best with straight hair, but trust me it works for curly hair as well. This style, indeed requires a lot of styling with styling gel or crème. This is ideal for older teen boys who want to maintain a classy appearance.

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5. The Great Pompadour Cut

The pompa.. Whaaaat? The POMPADOUR! This popular cut is named after Madame de Pompadour. Back in 60’s it started with Elvis Presley but has come back with a bang. I would call it a matured haircut which looks dapper and classy. This style has long hair all around and gets longer at the top. It is styled slick back but not tight against the head, making a slight bulge on the top. Celebrities, students, hipsters and businessmen alike are all rocking this sexy look.

This cut sure takes a hell lot of maintenance and crème and wax for styling. The side and back hair will be shaved extremely short, using a #2 or #3 razor, and if you are feeling particularly brave, then you can even ask your hairdresser to shave far up your crown.

If you haven’t tried this style already, go for it right away!

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Okay, if like younger me you’re probably wondering,  What the hell is the difference between The Under-Cut and The Pompadour-Cut?,  here is your answer.

An undercut is hair clipped tight against the sides of your head up to the crown. The hair on top is left long and styled however you like. It can be a topknot, it can hang down loose it can be glued up into a Mohawk.

A pompadour is using length on top of your head to bend the hair over and back in a smooth roll, fixed with product like wax or crème.

You can have an under-cut and style the top into a pompadour if your hair is long enough. You can have a pompadour with very long sides as well, the two do not intersect but can coexist. 😛


6. The Quiff Cut or The James Dean Cut

Dream as if you’ll live forever. Live as if you’ll die today.

Does this line strike you anything? YES! James Dean; the one who invented today’s one of the Hottest Hairstyle; The Quiff Cut. The quiff has become quite popular recently, and it’s a nice choice for men who prefer a class over swag. Remember Taylor Swift’s song Style, where she sings about her adoration of the James Dean slicked back hair and every guy went on searching the internet to how to get this style.

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7. The Buzz Cut

If you’re tired with the amount of work that comes in with long hair, try the Buzz-Cut. This is a very short haircut in which the hair is clipped close to the head with a razor. This is a great option for those involved in sports or other high-energy activities, since it will be hassle free.

Yes, the Buzz-Cut is another style that caters to pursuers of low maintenance. This haircut usually is styled naturally, but a damp of crème or styling gel can be used as well. If you want to add style to it, you can also go for faded Buzz-Cut.

I would not recommend this style to you if (like me 😦 ) you have weird bumps in your head shape. It is best to avoid the buzz cut in this condition.

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8. The Caesar Cut

This hairstyle was named after Julius Caesar himself who was the emperor of Rome. He wore short bangs forward in a similar way like the hair style. It is a nothing really different but a popular Buzz-Cut, but for a good reason. The short length of the style makes it easy to maintain, and incredibly simple to spike. With a damp of crème or styling gel, the spiked look can be achieved in a matter of seconds, and will stay in place all day, with little to no maintenance required.

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9. The Butch or The Burr Cut

A Butch or Burr-Cut is an extremely short Buzz-Cut, generally between #0 and #2 razor.

The Butch-Cut is very popular among men in the army. In this hot summer, if you are looking for a no-muss-no-fuss hairstyle, you go boy! Also, you need not visit the barber that often as once every six weeks will do the job well. This style can easily be obtained in the home itself using your trimmer.

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 10. The High and Tight Cut

As the name suggests, The High (on the sides) and Tight, just like Butch-Cut is another short, army-styled haircut. However, it is quite different from a butch cut. While a butch cut is evenly short, (#2 to #4 razor) a high and tight cut is longer (between #4 and #7 razor) on top but shorter on the sides and in the back of the head. This hairstyle is popular among teen boys who desire a strong, noticeable hairstyle.

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11. The Side Part Cut

Classic Hairstyles have become a thing today. The ones we’ve already talked are somewhere from the mid 20th century but this right here is somewhere from early 20’s; The Side Part Cut. It has recently received a resurgence in hair trends. Classic hairstyles have indeed become very classy.

This hairstyle, you might have seen been worn by sophisticated business-men and any other classy men or boys. Despite its simple look, this hairstyle is slightly more complicated than the hairstyles on this list. The hair on top should be left long, enough to make a side parting as too much long will not help. The sides and back hair are a little shorter than the top, but not so short that they take the emphasis off the top.

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12. The Spiky Cut

This one here is only popular among teens and kids, at least that’s what they say. Well, I have a different opinion. This hairstyle goes well with men of any age group. An almost wind-blown look creates a soft yet spiky style that looks great.

This style usually works best with styling gel as it make the hair all hard and makes the look better. It takes little maintenance like styling it every morning with the gel. The length of the hair must not be too short and definitely not very long, medium length will do. Visiting your stylist every 4 weeks will keep them good.

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13. The Afro Cut 

Afro also means natural, is a hairstyle worn naturally by people with lengthy kinky hair texture or specifically styled in such a fashion by individuals with naturally curly hair. The original Afro Cut was first worn by the musician Billy Preston back in the 70’s.

It is an ideal choice for African Americans, since they have naturally curly hair and it looks dapper on them. Sometimes I wish, I had hair like ’em. 😀

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14. The Curly Undercut

Just like me, if you too have curly hair, this should be a good option for you as you might find it difficult to find a style that fits you. It uses an Undercut but also allows the curls to retain their shape, giving your hair a unique personality.

This is a cleaner look and good hairstyle if you hate untainted curly hair. Since it is an Undercut the top hair are longer and the side and back hair shorter and the top hair must be styled using damp creme enough for it to last a day.

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15. The Blowout Cut

Blowout Cut, became popular in the early 2000’s, also referred to as Temple Fade. Later, it gained popularity, all thanks to Pauly-D from MTV reality show Shore Fame. It is him who got variation with the cut and hence The Blowout Cut. This style is very famous among Italian Americans, South Asian Americans and Mexican Americans.

The blowout is a truly unique haircut that adds tons of volume to your hair. This is a noticeable style, so boys who are extreme extroverts will probably enjoy this. The name comes from the look; the hair appears to be exploding from the head! Hah!

It might not be an ideal choice for Busy People as it takes time to set this style every morning (about 5-10 minutes) and needs good maintenance.

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So, these were a few hairstyles you can try out. If you do have some others which I might have skipped, please mention below in the comments section. 🙂


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