Color Me Mine, For Your Eyes Only.

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Give me a museum and I’ll fill it – Pablo Picasso (1981-1973)

Surprise! Surprise! Yes I draw, every once in a while. If you ever went through the about page of this blog you’d know why I wrote this post. 🙂 There’s hardly anyone who has seen these paintings, trust me. It is today I realize how much I miss my childhood. Back when I was all creative. I wouldn’t say I am an expert or a professional and I didn’t create masterpieces but at least I tries. Let’s say I drink and I know Things. xD

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Myths about Men’s Fashion

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Like a friendly slap across the face, it is time the harsh truth surrounding some of Men’s Fashion’s Biggest Myths, came out. You may have heard them from a friend, your parents, any relative or may have even read it in an article or you might have seen those pretty ladies gossiping about the Man in Pink. Chances of it being used by you yourself. 😀

From “not wearing denim on denim” to the most common one anyone would’ve heard, “real men don’t wear pink”. These myths need to be left behind and cannot be validated in 21st century which people need to understand and need to be eradicated right away.

Let the Truth Prevail – TOI Tagline

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Guide to Men’s Hairstyles – mrdapperblogger

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By the time you even realize that the season 6 has ended of the never ending Game of Thrones series, it is summer already. 😦  Since you’re going back to your college or school, this is just the time you realize you need a hair-cut, at least I do 😀

It’s always the haircut that I feel, sets the tone for a man’s style. Another tres importante  tip is to always have a photo of a look you’d love to have on you when you’re going to get a haircut, and talk to your stylist about it. They might not give you that look per se, but they’ll keep it in mind and adapt it to your face shape and hair structure.

Here is what I have researched and I am sure this will help you get your style this Summer. Here is the list of Hairstyles for you that you can try this summer.

The Hot Trends of 2016.

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