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From Running Early in the morning, sleeping in the classes, to running down the Fort to catch a movie 😀 , we had it all, and not a single moment goes by when you don’t miss your second home, The Scindia School. ❤

Let me get your adrenaline all rushed and get you back in those good old days when you were careless yet smart enough to have lived in here. The time when you ate, played, studied (not), represented school and what not, TOGETHER. A Family it was!

The Scindian Hangover Shall Last Forever.


The Scindia School for you. Igniting young minds since 1897.

Let There Be Light.

  1. Wake up calls by the house servants followed by the housemasters were one of the most annoying ones. Ohhh! At one point of time there were those loud speakers in the dorms used for wake up calls.
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2. The hawan (if you know what I mean) chanting session right before the exams is one of many which is badly missed. The atmosphere it created post the session was worth seeing. *_*

Not to forget the echoing of the words, across the halls, which gave goosebumps to anybody who heard it in chorus might whatever the place or the event be. I swears.

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3. One of many places where you always wanted to be was, is and will be Kwality Restaurant. From CB to KP, you loved it alllll.

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4. The three most terrifying words (well other than, I love you) Back Corridor Lineups (BCL). Task to arrange maggi used to be the most common one where the juniors became detectives and went from houses to houses in search of tuck. Beg, Borrow, Steal is what they said.

Image Source: Giphy

5. Ohh! Its Saturday evening and yes you can’t miss dinner because you know it, you will have Butter chicken. *devil smile*

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6. Morning 6 am PT was one of the most hated period where the common excuse given was, I have a twisted ankle. If it was in your luck, you might be exempted from running on the Madhav Field. Not to forget the early morning Cross Country practice sessions.

Image Source: Giphy

7. 13 August. Does anything strike you? Of course, The Murad Ali Night! The only night when the electricity would go off (coincidentally, maybe) the taps ran out of water (expecting blood flow 😀 ) and what not. I still remember my first 13 August in Junior School, when I got scared to death (We. WE!) And then in Senior School, you would become Murad Ali and scare the shit out of your juniors.

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8. All time special were the birthdays. The very day when the birthday boy would regret to even have born. Okay, it’s not that bad. 😛 They were even made bed sheets which were dedicated to either their girlfriends, and was created with great expertise. Bed-sheets also remind me of the Finals of any Sport.

9. Late night Common Room; sneaking in through the back door to watch late night matches or movies were considered one of the best times, now tell me I am wrong, am I?

10. Founder’s day, which included Old Boy’s Day and Sport’s Day can never be forgotten. One of the most happening days on The Fort. The very time when every single soul on the Fort has devoted itself into either making their houses spic and span or working their asses off in other activities. Bunking whole day school in the name of Founder’s preparation, Oh! Those were the days.

11. So, your mate or a junior just came back from a Night Out.

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12. Inter school events like MUNs, EC, Round Squares, Debates and others were the ones that were most looked forward to. Fancying themselves in the best attire, for it is girls visiting the Fort of boys.

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13. Asking a junior, “What set are you in?”, when the reply came Archery or Shooting and then laughing your asses off (no offense tho) and saying, chal be thalle, as they were never considered proper sports. Sleeping set of School was the most famous one in the premises and undoubtedly one of the most crowded one, because Hey! Who hates sleeping?

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14. Your coolness factor was determined by the number of girls you’ve gone out with and was directly proportional to your English accent.

images (4)
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15. A guy from every batch was appointed chocolate boy and carried out his duty in the rightful manner for the whole RDC Camp (Republic Day Camp), now am I wrong?

16. Staying in Sick Room (now Health Centre. Too much cliché, I know right?) was one of the worst places of all, well not if it was exams time. Malaria reports had to be positive, no matter what. xD

17. The days when your Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner was Maggi. Cooked or uncooked, you didn’t give two shits until it was maggi.

images (1)
Image Source: Giphy

18. Going to the mess early in the morning or going to your respective game sets in the evening and watching Brass Band play was one the most peculiar things you found, felt proud of it and it gave you chills (even if you have not been a part of the band)

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19. Those later meet ups by the seniors used to scare the shit out of us. When you might be asked to run around the Madhav Field for the whole Nihari break or the Sports time or the Whole time.

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20. The change in your attitude as you came in from class 10 to 11. The transformation from shorts, half sleeves shirts and kurta-pajamas to trousers, full sleeves shirts and pathanis made you feel on cloud no.9 (stop me if I am wrong, which I know I am not :P)

21. Now that you have access to every other thing available on the planet, the importance is lost, but in back in those days you could have killed anyone for the simple access to internet or a cellphone. Looking back, it is now that you realize how lucky you were to have spent the time with the ones you love without even having access to all these modern day gadgets.

22. The place every Scindian hated the most was no other but astachal. The place which now is really missed of all. I miss that 1-minute silence, I really do!

Image Source: Facebook

23. Last but not the least. The Fort-walls, the Parapets were the best hangout places where you could see the whole city shining with lights at night. Oh! How much I miss it.

A view from Shivaji Parapet. Image Source: Facebook

Yes, we complaint a lot and we never stopped cribbing about a thing that happened there. But the fact can never be changed that we miss this place the most, now don’t we? If I could do anything to go back to those days I will without a second thought, the discipline we learnt, the values we learnt and the friends we made are forever and irreplaceable. Thank you The Scindia School for giving us memories of the lifetime and of course the parents who made this decision.

By any chance, if I have missed out a memory, please feel free to leave behind your valuable input in the comment section.


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6 thoughts on “23 Things You Would Totally Get As A Scindian – mrdapperblogger

  1. Okay, so i could not resist my self to write a reply to this amazingly awesome blog. Spending 5 precious years of my life in such a wonderful school, i could relate myself to each and every point mentioned. While reading the whole text, i had a huge but a nostalagic smile on my face. Love your writing brother. Keep it up.

    Let there be light.


    1. Comments from like an Old Boy like yourself, I feel honored Sir.
      I am obliged to have been a Part of this Family.
      It is always a pleasure to write about Home.

      Let there be Light.
      Long Live Scindia.


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