27 Instagram Handles You Would Want To Follow Right Away

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Instagram’s  recent statistics claim that there are over 400 million people using the social media platform. Now that’s a number! Above all, these stats are from September of 2015. Since then, Instagram has blessed us with an update which allows users to sync multiple accounts on the app. Now do the math!

Among these nearly half a billion pages, are thousands of Fashion, Lifestyle pages, one better than the other and makes our job harder to decide, to what to follow and what not. I’m sure you already follow your favorite singers, actresses, and artists, kept aside, there are many which will make you lost in their own world and I’m not lying.

Consider this your crash course in The Most Interesting Accounts On Instagram. From Fashion, Lifestyle to the men’s favorite toys; CARS, street Kings; Harleys. Yes, you heard it right. You’ll find it all and I’m sure you won’t be disappointed as these are amongst a few of my favorites.

  1. Melik KAM®

Brewed up in Turkey, Mr. Kam has redefined style with his iconic take on modern suiting. Also, occasionally he gets featured in MenWithStreetstyle which is another great page and will be further talked upon. Now that Jump Suits are back in Hot Latest Trends, his take on them is amazing.


2.  Matthew Zorpas

A creative consultant, lecturer and most importantly the Founder of The Gentleman Blogger, this Englishman knows Fashion. The tuxedos he wear are brilliantly designed and would want you to have one. I’ve been inspired by him and his seriously dapper-ed style blog.


3. Adam Gallagher

Hailing from the city of Love, this French gent will take you on a tour as his page is a combo of Life, Style and Travel. One of the best blogs I have ever come across, GALLA. is what he has given birth to.


  1. One Dapper Street

German Dude, also the founder of One Dapper Streetwhich again is one of my favorite blogs. He keeps it casual, yet not forgets to stay classy.


  1. Brian Sacawa

This page talks about Men’s style, inspiration, fashion, tips and advice. A men’s style blog, He Spoke Style, which is all about menswear and men’s style.


  1. Bohemian Gentleman

This page is solely dedicated to Beard, Hairstyles and how to mix them well with Fashion. A great soul once said, “Who ever said beauty is on the inside, couldn’t grow a beard” and this page stands true with this quote.


  1. BEARD UP OR M̶A̶N̶ D̶O̶W̶N̶™

Beards, Fashion and Motivation, that’s right. Collection of great posts is what you’ll find in here.


8. Men’s Fashion Post

Men’s Fashion Post is a menswear blog dedicated to bringing the latest in fashion from around the World.


  1. SuitedMan

Now, what if you want to buy a suit and like me you are left in a head-scratching situation, where you can’t decide what you should and not buy. Obviously, you can neither buy them nor try them all, so you need a guide where you can see what goes off well with the other. Here it is, your solution to the problem.


10. Northskull

If you  like to explore in what is trending in men’s Jewelries and Accessories, this page is a good option for you and you won’t be left dissatisfied. For sure. If you like it too much, you get an option to ship it to your place with an option of Worldwide Shipping.


  1. ZENGER Bracelets

If you are looking for some real metal accessories which include more of Bracelets, you won’t get a better option, trust me. This is real expensive, but pretty sure worth every penny of yours. Not to forget, the point of view of the pictures they post is really inno-creative and deserves appreciation. Just going through their posts will  make your day. 😀


  1. Mensfashion.it

This here is a Luxury Lifestyle Magazine and covers every aspect of it. It is nothing but a Brand Porn. Going through the posts will Litt you up, no matter how bad mood you are in, I swears. It is one of thee best accounts I’ve come across till date.



This Swedish Giant has its reach throughout. It includes MenWith – AutosMenWith – Class,  MenWith – StreetstyleMenWithUrban, etc which are not featured on this blog post. The very different thing about their posts is that they are face hidden, yet beautifully taken

  1. MenWith – Autos

If like any other man,  Cars are your favorite toys, then yes, this is the spot for you. You get high quality pictures of the finest vehicles and retrofits. From Camaros to Lamborghinis and every other luxury car-maker you can think of, they’re all in here.


  1. MenWith – Class

As name suggests, the posts by this this page are CLASSayy and precisely talks about Formal Men’s Styles through the medium of pictures.


  1. MenWith – Streetstyle

If you are one of those who likes to keep it real simple and with simple I mean “no suits, yet classy”, you can try this page, which will feed you with latest trends straight outta streets.


  1. MenWithUrban

Who doesn’t like traveling? Well, many don’t. But. Many do.. This page has the finest as-inpirational places, vibes, and visuals which will take your breath away. (of course not literally !)



This page too talks about men’s style but the most peculiar thing about this page is that all clothes in this profile are designed and tailor made by AbsoluteBespoke themselves.


  1. Dude I’m Stoned

Looking for a laugh? Here’s the solution to the dullness in your life (if any)  crafted by Indians. Enjoy the page and it sure won’t let you down.


19. GQ

Gentlemen’s Quarterly or GQ has been one of the premier men’s magazine based in New York City. The publications are focused on Fashion, Style and Culture and is a recommended follow, if you are a Fashion enthusiast. GQ has its own Indian edition as well, which makes the deal even better.


20. exoticsmotorsport

If you’re still wandering and looking for a page exclusive of Ferraris, Lamborghinis & Porsches then you gotta follow this one. It has the collection of World’s Hottest of them. You won’t regret.


Enough with cars already? Alright then, what about the Bikes? I’m sure I got you now. Ain’t Harley Davidson your dream bike, sure mine is. This page shows off some of the beautiful-est created Hunks from around the Globe. Now isn’t that awesome?  Bet, it is.


22. High Fashion Men

“Do Well, Live Well, And Dress Really Well”, with this motto, the posts are updated on this men’s apparel page.


  1. Gentlemens Mafia™

This page is gonna feed you with Luxury, Inspiration & The Finer Things. The Quotes in here are full of motivation and will help you boost you when ever you feel low and want to give up on life. The Black and White filter on every post of it makes this page Doper and BadASS!


  1. Positive & Motivational Quotes

If you are looking up for a way to Create A Classy Mindset, this is the page. Motivational, Inspirational, & Entrepreneurship Quotes, you get them all in the classiest way possible.


  1. therock

Okay, so now you’re probably thinking, What about Gym Motivation? Well, that too has been taken care of. The Electrifying Rock, the favorite of all the WWE Superstars or the one who took away the applauds of the crowd by his appearance first in Fast & Furious Series, Fast Five (2011). His page is full of motivation and inspiration.



This Dubai based page flaunts off the lavish life of the Arabians. The exotic cars and homes, you’d find them here.


  1.  Millionaire Homes®

This page is all about Homes, the exteriors and the interiors. A collection of pictures of the homes you can ever dream of in your wildest imagination, you’ll find them here. The awesome-ness level of this page is real high.


You can’t have a Million Dollar Dream with a Minimum Wage Work Ethic.  Build a Life you Love, so you Love the Life you Live.



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