23 Things You Would Totally Get As A Scindian – mrdapperblogger

From Running Early in the morning, sleeping in the classes, to running down the Fort to catch a movie ūüėÄ , we had it all, and not a single moment goes by when you don‚Äôt miss your second home, The Scindia School. ‚̧

Let me get your adrenaline all rushed and get you back in those good old days when you were careless yet smart enough to have lived in here. The time when you ate, played, studied (not), represented school and what not, TOGETHER. A Family it was!

The Scindian Hangover Shall Last Forever.


The Scindia School for you. Igniting young minds since 1897.

Let There Be Light.

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27 Instagram Handles You Would Want To Follow Right Away

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Instagram’s¬†¬†recent statistics¬†claim that¬†there are over 400 million people using the social media platform. Now that’s a number! Above all, these stats¬†are from September of 2015. Since then, Instagram has blessed us with an¬†update which¬†allows users to¬†sync multiple accounts¬†on the app. Now do the math!

Among these nearly half a billion¬†pages, are¬†thousands¬†of Fashion, Lifestyle¬†pages, one better than the other¬†and makes our job harder to decide, to what to follow and what not.¬†I’m sure you already follow your favorite singers, actresses, and artists, kept¬†aside, there are many which will make you lost in their own world and I’m not lying.

Consider this your crash course in¬†The Most Interesting Accounts¬†On Instagram.¬†From Fashion, Lifestyle to the men’s favorite toys; CARS, street Kings; Harleys. Yes, you heard it right. You’ll find it all and I’m sure you won’t be disappointed as these are amongst a¬†few of my favorites.

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